Research Activities

Production and Transportation Scheduling Problem (PTSP)

The integrated Production and Transportation Scheduling Problem (PTSP) with capacity constraints is well known in the literature. The Production and Transportation Scheduling Problem (PTSP) modelled a supply chain problem with production and transportation where product perishability must be addressed (which is common in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries). An optimal solution for the PTSP requires solving the production scheduling and transportation routing simultaneously. PTSP is often motivated by perishables products. Recently, PTSP received a considerable amount of attentions.

The PTSP is a problem where both scheduling and routing must be jointly solved to have a proper coordination between the production and the transportation, taking the product lifespan into consideration. In this problem, once a lot of products are produced, it must be directly transported to various customer sites within its limited lifespan. A solution to a PTSP is composed of production operations and transportation operations that define sub-trips from the depot (production facility) to a set of customers. We proposed an extension of the PTSP with multiple vehicles(PTSPm).

Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Routing (RCPSPR)

The resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) is the basic problem type in project scheduling and aims at the minimization of the total project duration. It is one of the most widely studied project scheduling problem in literature, and it has resulted in an overwhelming amount of papers with solution procedures to solve the problem. The RCPSPR (Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Routing) is an extension of the RCPSP where resources are transported from one activity to another using a vehicle. Such problems occur in practice when a resource is physically moved from one location to another (e.g., when a crane has to be transported between construction sites or for scaffolding moved between sites to complete a project).

The problem consists in a proper coordination of scheduling activities and routing operations both linked with resources, to minimize the makespan. A routing solution is defined as a set of trips, and each trip is an ordered sequence of loaded transport operations. The earliest starting time of an activity is the latest arrival time of the last vehicle assigned to the transportation of resources required by the activity.

Last Update April 2018.