Image-to-image translation model to generate magnetogram out of EUV images


Magnetograms are used as boundary condition of physical models to reconstruct the global solar magnetic field, but we have a direct access to magnetogram from a limited number of sources, and up now, only one vantage point. EUV images on the other hand offers vantage points from the far side of the Sun thanks to the STEREO mission. It is thus of interest to generate magnetogram out of EUV images, and to assess the errors made when using the generated models into PFSS models, and later on, models of the solar wind such as EUHFORIA. In this preliminary work, we use paired and unpaired image-to-image translation models to generate magnetograms from 171, 193 and 304 EUV images. The models also allows to reverse the process in order to generate EUV images from HMI. We evaluate the confidence these generated images using a test set, and we shed lights on some potential improvements and generalization processes.

In Proc of Machine Learning in Heliophysics