Matthieu Rosenfeld



On Some Interesting Ternary Formulas, with Pascal Ochem.
Words, 2017
J2, C3
Avoidability of formulas with two variables, with Pascal Ochem.
In The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (html)
A preliminary version was presented in: Developments in Language Theory, 2016 (arxiv).
Every binary pattern of length greater than 14 is abelian-2-avoidable.
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, 2016 (html).
J1, C1
Avoidability of long k-abelian repetitions, with Michaël Rao.
In Mathematics of Computation. (html) (arXiv)
A preliminary version was presented in: Mons Theoretical Computer Science Days 2014.

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My PhD Thesis.

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