Modélisation et Simulation des Ecosystèmes




Modélisation et Simulation des Ecosystèmes :




This work deals with the modelling and simulation of ecosystems. It shows in particular the interest of spatial modelling, a constraint whose importance increases in ecological modelling. The work described is multidisciplinary : and the spatial constraints is carefully studied in the methods used for modelling in life sciences.

The authors describe the simulation models and the tools appropriate to the management of spatial effects. They define the various bound concepts, in particular, on the levels of abstraction and details of the models, the granularity of time, the validation of the models, the analysis of the results, the experimental designs and the various aspects of the implementation of the software tools.

In addition, this work covers the more traditional fields of continuous modeling, as well as the Markovian analysis and the cellular automata.

The final chapter presents examples of application, such as forest growth, marine ecosystems modelling, etc. The described cases highlight the coupling of geographical information systems with simulators. Moreover, they also refer to visual interactive simulation tools.

French students in their second and third cycle of studies will find in this overall picture the elements intended for the development of their own traditional models. Scientists from various biological and ecological disciplines will take note there of the current evolution of the methods used in modeling and simulation.